A Write Christmas

Four Yuletide stories from the Kanata Fiction Circle writer’s group. Christmas might be the most joyous time of year, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a smooth sleigh ride.

Christmas On the Rocks
by Matt C. Sully

When Dan attempts to drown his sorrows at a local dive bar, an unexpected companion brings his life back into perspective. With help from the spirits, both Christmas and whisky, Dan discovers the wonder of life and the secret to finding miracles in the everyday.

Dear Melissa
by Kathi Bradley

Eva’s dreary life and dread of the upcoming Christmas season are further destroyed when she arrives home early to find her life turned upside down. With hope dwindling, she takes a drive to the one place where warm Christmas memories abound. Can hope and purpose be found again in the form of a forgotten letter abandoned in a used car?

A Guitar for Christmas
by Steve Moretti

Roland Hope’s world falls apart the week before Christmas. His wife wants a divorce, and his consulting business crashes after he is sued for breach of contract. An old Fender Stratocaster guitar gifted to him by his alcoholic father, who suddenly reappears in Roland’s life – drunk and homeless – may be his only hope to save Christmas.

by Merja Tammi

Cecelia’s comfortable life, with her set routines and steady habits, is about to get complicated. She thought she’d closed the door on romance, friends, and even family, but life has other plans for Cecelia.