Ghost City™



One snowy morning in Detroit, the “ghosts” appeared. 400,000 human spectres showed up across the city, joining citizens in their morning commute and at evening meals. No one knows exactly what they are, why they came, or how to get rid of them. When Allen Trusk created glasses that could filter the ghosts from view, the citizens of Detroit embraced his solution, making him an overnight tech giant.

Five years later, Jennifer Rose Vega, a Quality Control Investigator at Trusk Industries, has been tasked with solving the unsolvable ghost mystery. With the world’s most advanced technology at her disposal, she sets out with her colleague Phillip Havlin to find a means of communicating with Detroit’s uninvited guests. Succeeding could return Detroit to the living, but discovering the ghosts’ origin could bring down Trusk and change our view of the world forever.

This is my second novel. Many of the posts for this blog are about the creation of my novels and what I learn through the process of those creations, and eventual publication.

Read about the progress, here.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my continued journey with you. Be sure to Subscribe to get updates.


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