Father’s Creed™



     A Baptist missionary must shelter an indigenous woman from her own tribe, the same tribe that killed his parents and threatened her daughter. Taking white names, the mother and daughter attempt to acclimate with the Pennsylvania locals, while Nathaniel Adler tries to maintain his father’s farm, and his faith in God.

     As years pass, daughter Amity embraces her Papa’s teachings, but her mother Charlotte struggles to find her place in the white world. When Charlotte returns to her tribe, she is swept up in the rally cry for native people’s resistance of white expansion onto their lands. In 1812, war between America and England is imminent once more, and Charlotte’s tribe will join the British to fight the Americans.

     When Charlotte begins treating Nathaniel as the enemy, and abandons her ‘white-washed’ daughter to Nathaniel’s care, he questions his understanding of God’s plan, struggling to maintain his faith while keeping his indigenous daughter safe from racially-fueled opposition.

     His righteous behavior is met with opposition by a gentleman smuggler, Alden Cabot. Cabot threatens to harm Nathaniel’s daughter unless Nathaniel sails to France to oversee a vital transaction, penance for Nathaniel’s refusal to associate with “an ungodly man.” While at sea, war begins. Nathaniel is taken by the British, dashing Cabot’s plans. In retribution, Cabot kidnaps Amity to sell into slavery.

     Pacifistic and magnanimous, Nathaniel is forced to examine new life paths to get back to his family. If he fights to save them, he breaks his own creed, but if he stands firm in his principles, he may lose everything.


     An infant nation struggles to secure its independence, the broken Natives cry for united opposition, and the embittered British wait for America to crawl back to the Crown. In 1812 the States are far from united, suffering conflict at its borders and from its people within. A father and daughter are forced apart, setting each on a journey across the fault line of a country hoping for peace, but preparing for war.

This is my first novel. Most of the posts for this blog are about the creation of this novel and what I learn through the process of that creation, and eventual publication.

Read about the progress, here.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my continued journey with you. Be sure to Subscribe to get updates.


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