Father’s Creed™



     In 1804, an Odawa woman fears for her half-white daughter’s safety amongst anti-white sentiment growing in her tribe.
When warriors kill Nathaniel Adler’s parents, a Baptist missionary to the Odawa, Nathaniel is forced to flee, Waawaatesi and her daughter joining in the escape.
8 years pass. The makeshift family struggles to find harmony amidst the racial and cultural tensions of 19th century Pennsylvania.
As the nation prepares for war, lines are being drawn and the indigenous tribes are choosing sides.
Waawaatesi returns to the Odawa, leaving daughter Amity to the safety of Nathaniel’s homestead, but when war begins, Nathaniel and Amity are separated.
Set on their own journeys across the tumultuous country, Nathaniel searches for Amity while Amity searches for her mother.
Finding one another will be difficult, but to find home they must define who they are and where they truly belong.


     An infant nation struggles to secure its independence, the broken Natives cry for united opposition, and the embittered British wait for America to crawl back to the Crown. In 1812 the States are far from united, suffering conflict at its borders and from its people within. A father and daughter are forced apart, setting each on a journey across the fault line of a country hoping for peace, but preparing for war.

This is my first novel. Most of the posts for this blog are about the creation of this novel and what I learn through the process of that creation, and eventual publication.

Read about the progress, here.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my continued journey with you. Be sure to Subscribe to get updates.



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