The Golden Record


In starting this blog, I’ve sought out other writers and began interacting with them for several reasons. First, I wanted to learn from them. Second, I wanted to know what they thought of my efforts. Third, I didn’t want to feel alone.

All of them have exceeded my expectations. They are all kind, forthright, encouraging, and inspiring. If you’re a writer, no matter how much you might force yourself into isolation, you are not alone. In many industries, this can be equal parts discouraging and comforting. On one hand you know there is a lot of competition, but you’re also glad not to be the only one in the space, questioning your validity. In the writing world, however, I don’t think this division applies.

I am genuinely happy when someone announces they have finished their first draft or they’ve finalized their book cover. Like the many novels they write, I want stories where the underdog wins and the unknown novelist becomes a success. Of course this is in part because it gives me hope for my own story, but it’s also because I love that humans are still creating.

We’ve done so much, and redone so much. It’s hard to make anything truly original anymore, but it can be done. Even if it’s recycled or “reimagined”, a good song, movie, painting, or book, can still make us feel something. Widgets are great. Apps are cool. Art, however, is what I consider real. It’s what echoes life.

When we sent the Voyager probes into space they each contained a golden record. On it are the photos and sounds of Earth, along with music from Mozart to Chuck Berry. That’s a pretty awesome musical spectrum, and it covers humanity well, but there is so much more that artists are producing every day. We each make our own mark on the Golden Record of Earth. Perhaps no one will ever see our art or hum its tune, but we know that it’s out there, and that makes me happy.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your art. Please follow, subscribe, and comment.

What is your current art project? Share a link so we can enjoy it.



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