Let the Professionals Work


The family and I moved houses Saturday. Well, we moved over the span of the entire weekend, but the big stuff was Saturday, and that’s when I comfortably took a seat on the bench.

If there is anything in this world that is really worth the money, it’s professional movers. I’ve moved a dozen times, and helped others moved, and each time it was a dreadful affair. In later years, it was painful, and now it is closer to dangerous. The first time I hired anyone professional though, it was awkward. I felt bad for not helping.

“I’m not royalty,” I thought. “How can I just sit idly by while these men carry my couch?”

Then I would pick something up, a moderately heavy something, and I’d stack it into the truck with Tetris mastery. That felt better, but also wrong.

“Why am I hurting myself when I’ve paid to have others carry my burdens?”

No more. I’m approaching 40 and I’m comfortable with the business arrangement of mover and movee. Now I sip coffee and point.

When I think about reaching the end of my book, and crossing into phases of editing, publication, and marketing, I have to acknowledge that I can’t do all the heavy lifting myself. There are professionals out there who know so much more than me. They have the experience that I may never acquire, and I shouldn’t try and take on tasks which will produce inferior results.

I’m close to finishing my first draft. I’m in chapter 10 of 12. I will do an initial series of edits myself, but afterwards I’ll be seeking an actual editor. There are of course different types of editing: substantive, copy, and proofreading. I assume I’ll need help in each category, but I know nothing about how to find them, vet them, and how much time or money it will take until a product is finalized. I know price is a concern for many, and for some I’ve read that they only pay to have the first few chapters polished. I suppose I’ll make that call when I get there, but it seems that a first book should be given the most care and support.

It’s difficult not to get ahead of myself. Even this morning I was making notes on my next book and I’m not done with this one yet. I have to keep my head down and focus on the phase at hand. There are miles to go, but I will just worry about this next step. Eventually all these steps will get me where I’m going.

What are your thoughts on editing and where the money is best spent? Tell me about it in the comments. Be sure to Subscribe and follow.

Thanks for reading.



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