Cover Art!

I’ve done a mock up of my idea for the cover. I’ll have a professional redo this, of course. Going the traditional publishing route may mean this will never be more than the concept you see here, but I like it and will push it as best I can. I’d like to see it in either colored pencil or watercolor for a softer edge, likely incorporating the blue and red of the US flag.

In the book, the Indian mother returns from a council meeting with her tribe and Tenskwatawa, a Shawnee recruiting warriors for the upcoming war. The mother, Charlotte, gifts a necklace to her daughter, Amity, with two feathers on it. They are to represent the mother and daughter, and they are the bottom two feathers in the cover picture.

“We are different, daughter,” Charlotte said, “and still we are alike. A bird cannot fly with one feather says Tenskwatawa.”

The top feather represents the father. The full concept, which I didn’t emphasize here, would be that the feathers are coming apart from their binding, which shows how they are all going on their own journey. Font wasn’t a focus, so it’s raw. My wife says the leather strip should be torn pieces of the American flag. I dig it.


I’d love some feedback on the concept and I’ll update you when I have a more quality version.

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