Father’s Creed – day 251

FCProgress: 117,042 words, Twelve Chapters (All first draft)

I finished. Early this morning I finished the first draft of my novel.

It’s several thousand words more than my original goal, settling at around 117k. It feels big. I feel the 8 months of work. Unexpectedly, however, I don’t feel the resounding joy I anticipated. Apart from a Halloween party hangover and the late hour in which I completed the draft, I can only attribute this flat reaction to such a milestone to knowing there is more work to be done.

I’m eager to begin editing. There are scenes I already know are scraps for the dog, and the opening scene irks me. I will be cutting it or completely rewriting that one. There are characters I want to alter and dialogue I want to clean, and I’m sure typos abound, but now is not the time. It’s all too close, and every relationship needs an occasional break.

I will be putting Father’s Creed into the proverbial drawer for at least a month. She’s got to simmer and my brain needs to process other worlds. (I’ll likely do a blog on What I Learned So Far, or Tales From a First Drafter). I’ve decided to begin a second novel, just in time for NaNoWriMo. A big part of me says, ‘dude, take a break,’ but I’ve seen what happens when I take time from writing. If my brain had abs, writing is crunches. When the crunches stop, the belly begins. Diligence is how it’s done. Also, I enjoy writing. I’ve enjoyed writing a book, and I am excited to tell this next one. I suppose that means a new category is in order for the blog, a new progress series, and hopefully new interest from readers like you.

I am proud of what I’ve done. This is a massive project. For the most part I stuck to daily word goals. I never faced the perils of writer’s block. Characters came around naturally, and I was able to research everything from the Internet. I’m not delusional. This is not a masterpiece of prose, but there is a story there, one which has the potential to entertain the right readers. Who knows? Perhaps my second draft will be brilliance, but I’m okay if it’s not. I told a story. It’s out there, a new adventure I can share with anyone who wants to partake.

Updates for Father’s Creed will return after I begin editing. To finish NaNoWriMo properly, that means I won’t get back to it until early December.

Ask me some questions about my experience so I can work them into the What I Learned blog. Also, be sure to Subscribe and follow.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you will stay with me as readers of my book when it’s released, and for all my books to follow.


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