Ghost City – day 48

GhostCityProgress: 10,013 words, One Chapter (First draft)

My worry over working on two projects was justified. I can’t do it. I know there are writers out there pumping out 5 articles in a day, then going home and adding to a novel while editing two others, but I am not one of these people.

This inability to multitask means a few things: I will be concentrating on my second draft of Father’s Creed, the first draft of Ghost City will be delayed by as many weeks as my revisions take, and it will take me longer to mentally get back into Ghost City when I return.

The good news is that I managed to finish an outline of Ghost City before I put on my editing cap. I have a rough idea for 37 scenes and feel pretty good about the story. I believe it has a familiarity with contemporary thrillers while embracing science fiction just enough to dip into wilder concepts. While the mystery of the book is fun, I think this novel is less about the big reveal and more about the adventure of an intelligent woman thrust into a dangerous game she’s more than willing to play. The pacing will be faster than Father’s Creed, which I think is appropriate for the sci-fi thriller genre, and I was surprised to discover the book sets itself up for a sequel.

I’m excited to see potential for continuing both my novels, especially being different genres. I have given myself options, so whichever book gets the most traction, I will be in a position to give my readers more. How wonderful it would be if I were in the position of publishing two hit novels and having to choose which series to continue first.

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