Ghost City – day 450


Progress: 6,070 words, One Chapter (First draft)

Amid visions of a Better Off Dead-style montage of bumbled suicide attempts, I managed to sort out the pieces of this puzzle that has given me so much grief.

Over a year ago I came up with the concept for Ghost City, created an outline, then started writing. The trouble, as it began in the form of a singular hurdle, was that I didn’t understand the world I was writing. In my latest update I wrote about the many dead ends and pitfalls I encountered during writing, and I was giving up hope of finding a way through.

So, I backtracked again and took inventory of the many parts that came in my DIY book box. With no assembly instructions, I was left to discover which pieces came together naturally, and which ones might just be extra. It took awhile, and some tools may have been lost or broken along the way, but I have wiggled free from writing despair. With one major shift of thinking, I found the proper alignment of components, and can again see a novel ready to be made whole.

I’ve written another scene outline. The world has changed a bit. Characters have new personalities. Outcomes for some have made a 180. Though some mysteries will be solved, others will hang on for the sequel(s). Overall, and most importantly, there’s a story here, one that meshes within its world, where the people make sense and the motivations are understandable.

I’m excited to write this one (again), but I’m going to flesh out the outline before setting my keyboard ablaze. For each scene I’d like to have all my bullet points prepared for both character and story arcs, and confirm the pacing is tight and exciting. I’m hoping for a thriller. I’ll settle for a mystery. What I don’t want is a tech-heavy snoozer where the people take a backseat to their environment.

Along the way I’m already making notes for book two, which is equally exciting. Building your own world is tough, but I suppose once you’ve overseen its construction, you want to linger awhile, and admire your work.

Thank you so much for reading. Please follow, subscribe, and comment. Happy writing, everyone!


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